When executives with Hebco landed a plum new contract in early 2007, they saw their future – and it was daunting, filled with faxed resumes and file cabinet chaos. The information and technology solutions company had inked a five-year deal to find and place technical and aerospace employees for a large client. But their traditional system of placing want ads with a fax number for inbound applications and resumes would have swamped the three people who handle ad hoc HR at the 65-person company in Oklahoma City.

For years, Hebco had fielded no more than two or three resumes a month. This contract likely would result in hundreds in the first month alone. So Mike Post, Hebco’s director of business development and technology, scoured the Web for applicant tracking system providers. His list included 45 companies of varying prices and capabilities. In short order, Post had winnowed the list to one provider: Hirebridge LLC.

Hebco had several needs: A cost-effective solution right-sized for his small business, a product that was quick to install and easy to learn, and ongoing technical support to help his people embrace the application and work through any growing pains. Hebco needed a solution that would enable the company to post ads and process hundreds of inbound candidate applications and resumes without submitting ads to newspapers, fielding faxes, or calling candidates to schedule interviews. Moreover, the ATS needed to be understood by engineers, not HR people – which Hebco doesn’t employ.

Hirebridge did all that – and more. Within days, the application was tied to Hebco’s own HR page on its Website. After two one-hour training sessions, the people who handle candidate review were fully functional on the platform. Hirebridge’s alliances with job boards and engines like GoogleBase, Indeed, SimplyHired and Craigslist made job posting easier and more affordable than traditional newspaper want-ads. And when questions did arise, customer service calls to Hirebridge – including several over the weekend – were answered within hours.

Hirebridge’s benefits over paper processing became clear almost immediately. Hebco often saves candidate applications and resumes, in case future openings become available. Try manually searching hundreds of paper applications for one candidate skilled in a specific area. Using the Hirebridge platform, Hebco’s team can manage, score, sort and track candidates. Moreover, the ATS’s Web-based interface and key-word search capabilities mean anyone in any of Hebco’s three offices can search for a specific criteria, whether skill sets and expertise, geography, training or other attributes to find, for example, a candidate capable of providing logistics support for B-1 bomber mission data analysis, or servicing a particular aircraft engine. Post also can quickly send off an acknowledgement of resume receipt, interview scheduling request or any one of scores of templated responses with the click of a button.

“We can search in moments and call them within minutes,” Post says. “Over the next five years we may at any time be preparing a proposal to support a particular staffing requirement. We need to be able to act on that quickly.”

Beating out 44 other competitors, wowing prospects with a cost-sensitive, feature-rich solution and then impressing them again with fast-turnaround and attentive customer service may be unique to some companies. But at Hirebridge, it’s the way things are done. In fact, the need for an ATS capable of handing a flood of new resumes often is what drives clients to seek out Hirebridge in the first place.

“Hebco is a perfect example of the power Hirebridge brings to small- to medium-sized businesses that have no HR budget or team, but vital HR needs,” says Marc Berman, founder and CEO of Hirebridge. “That’s why we say Hirebridge is just ‘smarter hiring management solutions.’”


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