New Hiring Process and Reporting

The New Hire Process within Hirebridge Recruiter has been enhanced to provide greater flexibility for users.


All candidates processed through the New Hire form are entered into a new Hired Candidates table.


New hire information for all candidates can be downloaded and forwarded directly from your Hirebridge system to any email recipient, including Users, Contacts and others.



  • Click on the HIRE action button on the Candidate Details page
  • Next, enter the information in the new Candidate Hire form that you wish to collect
  • Click the HIRE CANDIDATE button to save this data
  • This will make an entry into the new Hire Candidate table
  • A reference will be made in the candidates file as well, included in the notes & history log
  • The candidate’s record file will reflect that the candidate has been hired, and their status will be automatically changed to Hired



  • The Hired Candidate table is located within the Reports tab in the Candidate Reports section
  • Click HIRED CANDIDATES to reach this page
  • The Hired Candidates table will appear, showing the data collected when you pressed the HIRE action button
  • Note:  Clicking on the Candidate’s name in the report will take you back to the new Hire Candidate form, so you can make changes and update the hiring record directly from the new table
  • The Hired Candidate table can be filtered with our ActiveGrid feature in the same was as other reports and searches
  • The desired results can then be downloaded like all other reports by using the EXPORT button
  • The download will be in .CSV format and can be opened in most common spreadsheet programs like MS Excel



  • Click the new Forward Hired Candidate File icon to the left of the new hire’s name
  • This will open the Forward Hired Candidate Info page
  • Select your desired recipients from the Users and Contacts list, or enter other email addresses into the To field, just as you have always done when forwarding a candidate resume
  • Below, the message area shows you the data to be forwarded.  Here is another opportunity to make changes or updates.  Caution:  these updates or changes are NOT stored in the Hired Candidate Table
  • Click the check box to include your email signature, if you wish
  • Click the SEND EMAIL button to complete the process

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