Giving Feedback to Your Boss When You’re In HR…

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You’re in HR – a partner to whomever you serve… Guess what?  That means you’re supposed to tell people when they’re messing up.  For a lot of us, that’s easy when it’s employees and even the managers we serve in other departments.  It gets trickier when we have to tell our boss that there’s something rotten in Denmark related to … well, them.


Many workers do not respect their bosses

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NEW YORK (Reuters) – Almost half of U.S. workers do not respect their boss and only half believe they are competent, according to an online survey released on Friday.

The study by Randstad USA, a unit of the world’s number two staffing company Randstad NV, found that the growing financial crisis has seen companies focusing more on their bottom line at the expense of relations with employees.


Firms’ freebies help perk up employee retention

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Workers at Microsoft get grocery delivery. And valet parking. Free.

Employees at Anheuser-Busch enjoy a monthly two-case beer allowance. No charge.

The folks at Google get homemade French toast in the morning with ginger-infused maple syrup and caramelized apples. Gratis.

Workbytes could go on, but we already know what you’re saying. And it likely includes the word “squat.”

That’s because most of us will never see the kind of perks that are handed out at some U.S. companies in the name of employee retention.