Recruiters Share 10 Common Resume Mistakes

Via Work Goes Strong …

Here’s an excellent piece that covers some of the major mistakes job seekers make when constructing their resumes.

Author Leslie Ayers writes:

If you read my column regularly, you know I believe a great resume is like the golden ticket to the job you really want. It tells a potential employer what you can do for them, and establishes you in their mind as someone they want to meet.

As an added bonus, a great resume makes you feel more confident in your job search, and it serves as a guide in an interview so that all of the important things someone should know about you are covered.

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Resume & Document Forwarding

Hirebridge is excited to announce that we have added the ability to forward resumes and documents!

You can now attach each candidate’s resume in its original format when forwarding their information to others for review. Additionally, if you have the Multiple Document Manager, you can now attach them as well.

When using the Forward Candidate feature, you’ll notice new Include The Following Documents section, which provides you with a list of the documents that you can attach to the email:

Simply check-off the documents you want to include and they will be attached to the email. It’s that simple.

3 steps for building an extensive talent pipeline

Via VentureBeat …

Finding and keeping good talent can be a difficult task in any industry, but in the New York online ad market (where we compete) it’s especially challenging, as the sheer number of “cool” companies in the space makes it highly competitive from a recruiting standpoint.  Over the years I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to find and nurture good talent. The bottom line is something you probably already know: The right people can drive growth for almost any business.

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The Not-So-Harmless Simple Interview Question

Via Psychology Today …

Many interviews open with what I like to call “inkblot test” questions. Inkblot questions are those open, seemingly harmless questions which interviewers use as icebreakers to learn more about what’s important to someone.  I call them “inkblot” questions because, like the traditional Rorschach test, they ask candidates to express an opinion about a seemingly neutral item. As innocent as they seem, however, a poor or strange response from a candidate can end their chance of getting the job.

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9 things that seal the deal for hiring managers

Via CNN / Careerbuilder …

One thing about the hiring process is true: It leaves much room for speculation. Whether you got the job — or you didn’t — most job seekers want to know why. Why were you chosen over the next guy? Or, better yet, why weren’t you? Was it your experience, your attitude, your interview answers, your outfit?

We decided to ask hiring managers directly: What seals the deal when you choose to hire a candidate? Why do you choose one person over another Their answers will give you some insight as to what you should pay attention to the next time you’re up for a job.

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10 Resume Red Flags

Via Yahoo! Finance …

Searching for a job is not always easy, no matter what state the economy is in. And when you’re on the hunt, your best weapon is your resume. This document must emphasize the best of your experience, education and skills and sell you to your future employer. It’s a lot to ask, but it is possible to get your CV into fighting shape. Don’t let your effort go to waste by having these glaring red flags on your resume.

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Craft a scannable résumé

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For thirty years as an employment counselor I spent a lot of time getting jobseekers to write résumés that would capture the attention of a human reader. Occasionally, companies would assign initial résumé screening to trainee fresh out of college. I taught 1970s jobseekers to write catchy résumés with impressive bullet points and bold print. The challenge I gave my charges: “Your job is to write a résumé that gets through to Bill, my mythical screener, in 15 seconds.”

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