Do CIOs Want SaaS Contracts To Extend To 3-5 Years?

Via InformationWeek …

Blogger Vinnie Mirchandani says that while today’s duration for SaaS deals averages 1.5 years, “the secular trend is towards higher renewals…and multiyear deals. SaaS will likely become like outsourcing contracts — 3, 5, 7-year deals.” Sounds good in theory, but will CIOs go for it?

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New Hiring Process and Reporting

The New Hire Process within Hirebridge Recruiter has been enhanced to provide greater flexibility for users.


All candidates processed through the New Hire form are entered into a new Hired Candidates table.


New hire information for all candidates can be downloaded and forwarded directly from your Hirebridge system to any email recipient, including Users, Contacts and others.


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Complete Candidate Activity and History Log

The Complete Candidate Activity and History Log within Hirebridge Recruiter has been created to provide you with a single place to view all notes and activities for candidates attached to multiple job requisitions in your Hirebridge system. This complete log can be filtered by user, job and requisition number; it can even be printed and exported like any other report.


A new access level has been created, allowing Administrators to grant individual users permission to view this complete notes and activities log.

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