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Don’t blast out the job posting to every talent agency, career network, job site and university. But don’t keep it a secret either. You’ll need to look beyond your circle of friends and colleagues, but keep the posting on sites and in networks that fit the company, its values and the position qualifications.

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Top 5 Career & Job Hunting Websites

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It is no surprise that almost every job is posted online, that is why finding a good website that offers comprehensive information is one of the first major tools to land a job.

Some websites are limited to just lists of job openings and are simply formatted. When you are doing your job hunt,  look for websites that offer career trends, suggestions of what you can do with your current skills and how to translate them into the new position that you desire.

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Indeed Slips Past Monster, Now Largest Job Site By Unique Visitors

One of the major benefits that Hirebridge provides to its clients is that we automatically submit each company’s public jobs to, SimplyHired and Google. We call this service, “ExpressPost,” and it greatly helps extend job postings well beyond a company’s website to bring a large amount of highly qualified candidates directly into their Hirebridge system.

Today, tech blog TechCrunch published a piece regarding’s recent announcement that it had achieved the status of becoming the largest online job search site:

In October, Job search engine slipped past to become the largest job site in the U.S. According to comScore, 12.3 million people visited Indeed in October, up 19.6 percent. attracted 12.1 million people, and came in third with 11.3 million job seekers. It is still pretty close, with Indeed just barely edging out Monster. But this could very well be a turning point for leadership of the online job search category.

These are pretty impressive numbers for and we’re thrilled that we’re helping our clients get their jobs in front of so many candidates free of of charge.

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Job posting growth in all 12 industries: an Industry Employment Trends first

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Our May Industry Employment Trends provide the strongest evidence yet of an improving job market. May 2010 shows year-over-year job posting growth in all 12 of the major industries we track. This is the first time we’ve seen positive growth in all sectors since launching Industry Employment Trends in February 2009.

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Facebook Does Job Searches (by way of SimplyHired)

Hirebridge clients already benefit from having their job postings automatically submitted to SimplyHired on a nightly basis (free of charge, mind you). Integration with Facebook is about get even better and more social.

Via ReadWriteWeb …, a job search site that aggregates job board postings and makes them searchable via one interface, is launching a new feature: Facebook integration. With the added opt-in functionality, you can see if any of your Facebook friends work at a particular company and you can pull back a list of all the companies where your friends are employed.

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The job application black hole

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Ever applied to a job online only to have your résumé seemingly vanish into a void?

From crafting a winning cover letter to acing an interview, landing a job is tough enough in this market. But millions of job seekers can’t even get a foot in the door as they apply to countless positions and seldom hear anything in response.

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Monster Just Dropped $225 Million For Yahoo’s HotJobs

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The online job marketplace Monster has just acquired HotJobs away from Yahoo for a stunning $225 million in cash. Part of this deal is a three-year “commercial traffic agreement,” which will begin on the closing of the deal.

This seems to mean that Yahoo will shunt jobs related traffic to Monster for three years, as its “provider of career and job content on the Yahoo! homepage in the United States and Canada.”

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The Growing Talent Crisis: Challenges and Solutions

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Employers throughout the world are increasingly struggling to keep pace with expanding hiring needs. A recent workforce planning study conducted by Aon Consulting for one of its clients showed that nearly 60 percent of its key knowledge workers and leaders would need to be replaced in the next five years.

But, demand for talented employees exceeds the supply, leaving many organizations wondering what strategies to adopt to retain and expand the workforce to maintain competitive advantage. Systematic workforce planning linked to key strategies and business challenges is a foundation for informed talent strategies and processes that will impact the bottom line favorably.

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