Introducing Closed-Loop, Frictionless Feedback.

One the most common and frequent challenges we hear from recruiters is getting managers to review candidates and provide feedback to them. Often times, there is a breakdown in communication during this process, which becomes an obstacle to everyone involved.

We’ve been hard at work studying how to address this need from every potential angle, and to devise a solution that “feels” and “acts” natural — something that recruiters and managers alike will embrace to help them be more productive and reduce their workloads.

We call it, Closed-Loop, Frictionless Feedback.

Frictionless Feedback

It’s really quite simple in its approach, yet incredibly powerful, flexible and complex in its abilities. The key benefits are as follows:

  • Natural process that takes little to no training
  • Recipient does not need to log in to provide feedback
  • Feedback can be collected from single or multiple recipients
  • Point values can be assigned to specific responses
  • Specific responses can be tagged as qualifiers and dis-qualifiers
  • All activities are logged at the user and candidate level
  • Ability to automatically disposition candidates based on specified criteria
  • Comprehensive reporting and compliance tracking

We’re excited to help every company and organization leverage this incredible and unique component to streamline their recruiting process, so send an email to and we will provide you with complete details.


New LinkedIn Candidate Profile Look-Up Button

LinkedIn has become a popular choice of recruiters to cross-reference candidate profiles to review and verify information, as well as find common connections.

This process often requires toggling between web browsers, then copying and pasting information back and forth.

Hirebridge has taken that manual process and made it an easy, one-click action that can be performed directly from within each candidate’s details page.

A new button is now located to the right of each candidate’s name. Clicking this button opens a pop-up window containing LinkedIn search results for that candidate’s profile. You’ll be able to see all of the candidate’s public profile information, as well as any relationships you may have in common.

We are continuing to add more direct functionality with LinkedIn, as well as other social media sites, so be sure to share your comments and suggestions with us.

Resume & Document Forwarding

Hirebridge is excited to announce that we have added the ability to forward resumes and documents!

You can now attach each candidate’s resume in its original format when forwarding their information to others for review. Additionally, if you have the Multiple Document Manager, you can now attach them as well.

When using the Forward Candidate feature, you’ll notice new Include The Following Documents section, which provides you with a list of the documents that you can attach to the email:

Simply check-off the documents you want to include and they will be attached to the email. It’s that simple.

Looking to automate your job postings to social media sites? Hirebridge has you covered.

Most recruiters are well aware of the need to promote their open job positions to social media sites, especially Twitter and Facebook.

Unfortunately, this process requires a number of manual steps including copying and pasting urls, using link-shortening services, logging into to separate social sites, etc. In short, it’s a bit of a pain, but well worth the time.

There are services that can reduce the number of steps involved, however, they are costly and require contractual obligations that are unfavorable to many companies. Their ROIs are unknown as well.

Hirebridge is always looking for ways in which we can help make recruiters’ lives easier, especially when it comes to reducing their workloads and cutting down on manual, repetitive tasks. We’re also always looking for ways to help companies reduce their expenses and gain quick returns on their investments.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Hirebridge SocialPost, which fully automates the process of posting jobs to Twitter and Facebook (and more coming soon), further allowing recruiters to focus on doing what they do best: recruit!

It’s currently in beta testing, so if you would like to try out, send an email to or call us at 1-954-688-3854 ext 2, and we’ll fill you in on the details.

You’ve Got Automated Referral Source Tracking!

We’re more than pleased to announce that we have just launched Automated Referral Source Tracking for all Hirebridge accounts. As with everything we do, this new module is distinctly “Hirebridge” in nature, meaning, it’s incredibly easy to use and it works passively with just about no work needing to be done on the part of candidates or users.

Most applicant tracking systems do not have auto referral source tracking because it’s really hard to do and it is cumbersome to implement. Those that do have it typically require users to generate site-specific tracking codes that need to be placed in external postings. We think those are bad ideas and require too much manual labor, so we’ve automated the process and made it ridiculously easy to implement. Simply log in to your Hirebridge account, click on the Administration tab and look for the Automated Candidate Referral Source Tracking Maintenance link.

If you need any help setting this up, send an email to and we’ll get back to you promptly with details.

Hirebridge Features Enhanced CareerBuilder Experience

Applicant Tracking Software Provider, Integrates Features to Help Customers’ Use of Leading Career Site

CORAL SPRINGS, FL (September 25, 2008) – Hirebridge LLC, a leader in application tracking solutions software, has announced the integration of numerous functions that help its customers leverage their use of the nation’s largest online job site, Careerbuilder.

Customers now can post job openings directly from their Hirebridge platform to the CareerBuilder site using CareerBuilder’s DirectPost application submission service. They also can search CareerBuilder’s massive, premium Candidate Resume Database without first leaving the Hirebridge portal. Together, these new features streamline the candidate acquisition process.  Hirebridge and Careerbuilder are also pleased to offer an integrated application for candidates to speed the application process and ensure candidate source tracking.

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Activating & Deactivating User Accounts

The User Account Manager in Hirebridge Recruiter has been improved to provide greater flexibility to how you grant access to your database.
This new feature allows you to dynamically grant and remove User access to your Hirebridge system with the click of a button.  Users are now classified as Activated and able to log in, or Deactivated without the ability to log in to the system.  Since Users can now be deactivated, you no longer have to delete a User from the system to grant access to another.
The User Account Manager now shows the current and total number of User accounts you have purchased for your Hirebridge system, and the current and total number of Activated and Deactivated Users that are currently allowed.
The User Account Manager does NOT change how new User accounts are added to your Hirebridge system; it allows you to deactivate Users rather than deleting them.
Activated Users are marked by the activated icon button
Deactivated Users are marked by the deactivated icon button

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New Internal Candidate Application Process

Managing Internal Candidates in Hirebridge Recruiter has never been easier with the rich suite of new features now available.
Employees can now go to your Career Center or Intranet site and request a transfer online.  They apply in a new streamlined process, which collects current position and manager data for you.

A new feature in the Job Requisition area allows you to select a screening question set that will only be presented to your internal candidates.

As before, internal candidates are marked with the yellow star icon in the Indicators section.

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New Hiring Process and Reporting

The New Hire Process within Hirebridge Recruiter has been enhanced to provide greater flexibility for users.


All candidates processed through the New Hire form are entered into a new Hired Candidates table.


New hire information for all candidates can be downloaded and forwarded directly from your Hirebridge system to any email recipient, including Users, Contacts and others.


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