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Don’t blast out the job posting to every talent agency, career network, job site and university. But don’t keep it a secret either. You’ll need to look beyond your circle of friends and colleagues, but keep the posting on sites and in networks that fit the company, its values and the position qualifications.

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Tax Benefits for Job Seekers

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Nobody likes preparing their taxes (and if you do, search for tax accountant jobs now!), but they’re one of the many inevitable pains of life, like going to the dentist or paying road tolls. While we can’t make the process disappear, we can help job seekers and anyone who dealt with job loss last year understand what can and can’t be deducted as a job search expense on your tax return.

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Hire Smarter with Social Media

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A recession might seem like good news for employers looking to hire: with unemployment rates up, you’ve got more people to choose from and the opportunity to hire at a lower price.

While the current economic situation might make this a great time for you to expand your team, it can actually make hiring more expensive. Post a job ad and you’re likely to be swamped with potential applicants; and if budget is tight on your end, you’ve probably got limited capacity to screen a large pool.

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Don’t Make Candidates Jump Through Hoops

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There’s been an interesting discussion in the NACE JobPlace discussion list about the perception by many employers that students who do a more effective job of searching for employment opportunities will have a better chance of being hired.

I agree but caution those who believe that the best candidates are those who try the hardest to be hired.

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Human resources research and information site has published an excellent report titled, “Internet Best Practices,” which details how candidates are finding and applying to job opportunities.

It is packed with interesting stats that most recruiters will find useful and informative, for example, “While the Internet is it not yet a universal tool, it approaches that in certain demographic groups. And as it continues to mature, usage patterns are continually changing. Three years ago, major job boards were all the rage. Then niche job boards started gaining ground. Now it’s all about Twitter, Facebook and social media.”

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SaaS: The Better Way to Buy

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For growing businesses, I know of no better way to purchase software than as a hosted service, paid for on a per-user/per-month basis. While the equation may not work for the smallest companies, and some IT departments avoid it in order to build an ever-larger empire for themselves, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the up-and-coming thing. And it’s a perfect solution expand or contract in a roller-coaster economy.

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Indeed’s New Industry Trends Point To Where The Jobs Are

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Tech layoffs may have hit 300,000 since the financial crisis began, but there are at least 395,629 job openings in information technology, enough to re-employ all of those now out of work. Job search engine Indeed this morning launched a new Industry Trends page filled with stats on job openings in the U.S. across major industries. Although there are more job openings in IT than in any other industry except healthcare (which has 581,625 job listings).

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