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Don’t blast out the job posting to every talent agency, career network, job site and university. But don’t keep it a secret either. You’ll need to look beyond your circle of friends and colleagues, but keep the posting on sites and in networks that fit the company, its values and the position qualifications.

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The simple math that will change the way you hire forever

Great article filled with practical advice that highlights the “theory of quarters” when it comes to recruiting & hiring.

“For starters, if you’re not using an applicant tracking system, you should be. ‘Studies have shown that you can actually improve your efficiency by at least 50% through an applicant tracking system.’ And there are plenty to choose from. Find whichever one works best for your hiring needs. The point is that once you have this software in place, you’ll also have a data layer for your recruiting efforts.” ~ Eric Feng, Flipboard CTO

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Looking to automate your job postings to social media sites? Hirebridge has you covered.

Most recruiters are well aware of the need to promote their open job positions to social media sites, especially Twitter and Facebook.

Unfortunately, this process requires a number of manual steps including copying and pasting urls, using link-shortening services, logging into to separate social sites, etc. In short, it’s a bit of a pain, but well worth the time.

There are services that can reduce the number of steps involved, however, they are costly and require contractual obligations that are unfavorable to many companies. Their ROIs are unknown as well.

Hirebridge is always looking for ways in which we can help make recruiters’ lives easier, especially when it comes to reducing their workloads and cutting down on manual, repetitive tasks. We’re also always looking for ways to help companies reduce their expenses and gain quick returns on their investments.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Hirebridge SocialPost, which fully automates the process of posting jobs to Twitter and Facebook (and more coming soon), further allowing recruiters to focus on doing what they do best: recruit!

It’s currently in beta testing, so if you would like to try out, send an email to or call us at 1-954-688-3854 ext 2, and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Indeed Slips Past Monster, Now Largest Job Site By Unique Visitors

One of the major benefits that Hirebridge provides to its clients is that we automatically submit each company’s public jobs to, SimplyHired and Google. We call this service, “ExpressPost,” and it greatly helps extend job postings well beyond a company’s website to bring a large amount of highly qualified candidates directly into their Hirebridge system.

Today, tech blog TechCrunch published a piece regarding’s recent announcement that it had achieved the status of becoming the largest online job search site:

In October, Job search engine slipped past to become the largest job site in the U.S. According to comScore, 12.3 million people visited Indeed in October, up 19.6 percent. attracted 12.1 million people, and came in third with 11.3 million job seekers. It is still pretty close, with Indeed just barely edging out Monster. But this could very well be a turning point for leadership of the online job search category.

These are pretty impressive numbers for and we’re thrilled that we’re helping our clients get their jobs in front of so many candidates free of of charge.

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You’ve Got Automated Referral Source Tracking!

We’re more than pleased to announce that we have just launched Automated Referral Source Tracking for all Hirebridge accounts. As with everything we do, this new module is distinctly “Hirebridge” in nature, meaning, it’s incredibly easy to use and it works passively with just about no work needing to be done on the part of candidates or users.

Most applicant tracking systems do not have auto referral source tracking because it’s really hard to do and it is cumbersome to implement. Those that do have it typically require users to generate site-specific tracking codes that need to be placed in external postings. We think those are bad ideas and require too much manual labor, so we’ve automated the process and made it ridiculously easy to implement. Simply log in to your Hirebridge account, click on the Administration tab and look for the Automated Candidate Referral Source Tracking Maintenance link.

If you need any help setting this up, send an email to and we’ll get back to you promptly with details.

What’s the best method to use for referral source tracking?

There are many opposing opinions and theories regarding how to accurately track the true referral sources with regards to how candidates arrive at corporate career centers.

Dr. John Sullivan’s recent article, Determining the Correct Source of Hire: the First Step in Recruiting Excellence, ( website) addresses these issues and points out what it he believes is ultimately the best approach. It’s an interesting read and covers some new areas that others haven’t addressed.

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The Growing Talent Crisis: Challenges and Solutions

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Employers throughout the world are increasingly struggling to keep pace with expanding hiring needs. A recent workforce planning study conducted by Aon Consulting for one of its clients showed that nearly 60 percent of its key knowledge workers and leaders would need to be replaced in the next five years.

But, demand for talented employees exceeds the supply, leaving many organizations wondering what strategies to adopt to retain and expand the workforce to maintain competitive advantage. Systematic workforce planning linked to key strategies and business challenges is a foundation for informed talent strategies and processes that will impact the bottom line favorably.

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Hire Smarter with Social Media

Via Harvard Business Publishing …

A recession might seem like good news for employers looking to hire: with unemployment rates up, you’ve got more people to choose from and the opportunity to hire at a lower price.

While the current economic situation might make this a great time for you to expand your team, it can actually make hiring more expensive. Post a job ad and you’re likely to be swamped with potential applicants; and if budget is tight on your end, you’ve probably got limited capacity to screen a large pool.

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Human resources research and information site has published an excellent report titled, “Internet Best Practices,” which details how candidates are finding and applying to job opportunities.

It is packed with interesting stats that most recruiters will find useful and informative, for example, “While the Internet is it not yet a universal tool, it approaches that in certain demographic groups. And as it continues to mature, usage patterns are continually changing. Three years ago, major job boards were all the rage. Then niche job boards started gaining ground. Now it’s all about Twitter, Facebook and social media.”

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Indeed’s New Industry Trends Point To Where The Jobs Are

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Tech layoffs may have hit 300,000 since the financial crisis began, but there are at least 395,629 job openings in information technology, enough to re-employ all of those now out of work. Job search engine Indeed this morning launched a new Industry Trends page filled with stats on job openings in the U.S. across major industries. Although there are more job openings in IT than in any other industry except healthcare (which has 581,625 job listings).

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