Hirebridge Features Enhanced CareerBuilder Experience

Applicant Tracking Software Provider, Integrates Features to Help Customers’ Use of Leading Career Site

CORAL SPRINGS, FL (September 25, 2008) – Hirebridge LLC, a leader in application tracking solutions software, has announced the integration of numerous functions that help its customers leverage their use of the nation’s largest online job site, Careerbuilder.

Customers now can post job openings directly from their Hirebridge platform to the CareerBuilder site using CareerBuilder’s DirectPost application submission service. They also can search CareerBuilder’s massive, premium Candidate Resume Database without first leaving the Hirebridge portal. Together, these new features streamline the candidate acquisition process.  Hirebridge and Careerbuilder are also pleased to offer an integrated application for candidates to speed the application process and ensure candidate source tracking.

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An Upside to Recession?

Via BNET …

Everyone is talking recession. President Bush is promising tax relief, and it hasn’t been a very cheery couple of days for the markets. Two thirds of Americans think we’re either already in or on the edge of a recession, and, not surprisingly, consumer spending has slowed. Among all this gloom and doom, yesterday the Informed Reader blog at the Wall Street Journal trawled the Internet and found an upside to our economic woes: